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Drew as a Designer

Before I came to OCAD U, my interest was mainly sustainability. Since then, my interests have continued to evolve. At the time of making the chart below, in Fall 2015, I was interested in Sustainable Development, Open Sourced Design and Systems Design. I hadn't had a chance to explore Sustainable Development or Open Sourced Design, but this year has afforded me a lot of time with Systems Design or Systems Thinking which I have been enjoying. 

Another aspect of design I have been exploring recently is working with other people and learning more about their day-to-day lives, including any challenges they face and how design can make a positive impact. This year, I have done two projects, both directed towards arthritis. Designing to make others' lives more functional, productive, and empowering continues to be an underlying motive in my work and designs. 

Drew Herrema

I searched for designers and design firms that represent three areas of design that interest me. Then I analyzed their design estimated where they would place themselves on the matrix to how they relate to me.



Sustainable Development

Designing with people to develop low cost solutions that go beyond the product design that they start with.

Dubberly Design Office

System Design

Making the complex world a little easier to navigate through concept maps, usability studies, and a human-centered perspective.

Nick Ierodiaconou

Open Source Design

With Joni Steiner, Nick Ierodiaconou explores ways to use open source outside of the world of software with projects like opendesk and WikiHouse.

Drew Herrema

Toronto - Design - Systems - Inclusive

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